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More Revenue With ClickBank and Konnektive

ClickBank now provides its clients with Konnektive CRM. This integration gives your business an edge like never before.

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If it wasn’t for Konnektive we would probably have never been able to grow with such a lean team.

– Robert E President/CEO

Konnektive has been a godsend to our business. We migrated from another CRM and not only was the migration very smooth, but the Konnektive team helped to convert and integrate our pages and test everything all the way through. They went above and beyond. They really care about the value and growth of my business.

– Michelle S President/CEO
Payment at scale
Affiliate Marketplace
Compliance and Low Fraud Risk

Truly all in one

You can now pull all of your orders, your partial data, and all of your sales and billing statistics in Konnektive. This allows you to:


Consolidate your customer and billing information. Importing your ClickBank data into Konnektive saves you the hassle of logging into multiple portals. You now have all of your reporting consolidated in one reporting suite.

Customer Service

Manage Customer Service through the Konnektive system. From refunds, to return merchandise authorization, cancellations, pause or resume subscriptions, or order alterations, Konnektive gives you all the tools to manage your customer interactions.


Fulfillment Management Take advantage of Konnektive's four dozen fulfillment options. All API driven integrations once the sales are processed, Konnektive does the rest. And also provides cost-saving fulfillment bundling, fulfillment delays, API updates from the fulfillment house and other advanced fulfillment management features.


Seamless Integration with Konnektive's state-of-the-art CRM, this allows you to take full advantage of Konnektive's extensive reporting and analytical suites.


Track and assess affiliate performance. Konnektive's integration with ClickBank providesthe visibility to easily compare your affiliates, view average order size, subscription length and refund statistics.


Unlimited term and size of data storage. By importing your ClickBank orders to Konnektive's CRM system, your customer data will continue to stay safe and secure indefinitely.


Order Data and Partial Data monetization. Communicate with cart abandonments through SMS Text and Email marketing as well as monetize existing customers by creating post-transaction sales funnels.

Build Funnels

Build your sales pages in FunnelKonnekt. Described as the easiest and fastest sales funnel and site builder, you can quickly build your sales sites and launch with ease.


All of the these features are designed to increase revenue and profitability to ClickBank clients through one simple plugin.

Payment at Scale

Nothing is worse than getting traction, beginning to scale, then having your accounts put on hold for review. By taking advantage of ClickBank’s merchant processing, you’ll never have to worry about your payments getting throttled for scaling too quickly. ClickBank has built a world renowned reputation by paying on-time, every time for over 17 years.

Affiliate Marketplace

ClickBank’s affiliate network is an ever-expanding catalog of quality digital and physical products with an unsurpassed reputation for reliability. ClickBank’s online marketplace contains tens of thousands of products to choose from, so you’re sure to always find offers that will profitably appeal to your audience.

Compliance and Low Fraud Risk

ClickBank is the industry leader in low fraud risk. Overall, sales processed by ClickBank traditionally have a chargeback rate of less than 1%, which is low for an internet retailer. The ClickBank Compliance Team will put their energy, skills and talent into protecting your business.

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Source: Konnektive CRM user survey

Your success is our priority.

Customers who launch Konnektive campaigns are more successful than those using other CRM’s. Not only will you get the best technology available today, but we’ll be there every step of the way to answer any questions that you may have, or give advice that you many need.